This is especially true when the temperature is highest at noon

When you use the chicken feed or fishy pellets to make the nest, each time the bait the size of duck eggs is beaten three to four. The group is enough, two groups at a time to make up the nest. Because of the low water temperature in spring, the shallow water near the shore is much higher than the deep water. It can be seen from the water quality here that the water quality in such places is generally darker and turbid.

This is especially true when the temperature is highest at noon. Therefore, the author generally chooses a softer pole when choosing a pole, and everyone knows that the pole is softer and not easy to fish. This must be paid attention to. I like to use corn flavor, pineapple flavor, and musk flavor. This bait can be used alone when nesting, two bait at a time, and one bait at a time every one to two hours.

For carp fishing in spring, the nest should be made close to the shore, and the water depth should not exceed 1 meter. The time of fishing in the wild is getting closer and closer. The water temperature determines the carp's eating situation, so the water temperature for carp fishing fishing swivel snaps Factory in spring is the most important. The method of preparing rice wine is to take an empty bottle (empty mineral water bottle), fill it with grain crops such as millet, sorghum rice, corn, etc.

The bait for nesting in spring must be strong in flavor. When choosing a nest, you should first choose a sunny place, that is, the north bank. Carp is the most common large freshwater fish in Liaoning. Third, we must consider shallow fishing and side fishing in spring. In the spring, use this set of fishing rigs to see the black drifting rod, and the rate of middle fish is higher.

It makes sense to catch carp instead of grass, which is equivalent to running in vain. The taste of honey is too much, and its various flavors are very difficult to grasp in actual fishing waters, so I prefer to use brown sugar to prepare the nest material. Generally use A3 star float (available at fish shop) 5 or 3--5 goose feather floats, add a space bean above the hook, and put a small square lead on the space bean, aluminum can Move freely on the line. 

The water temperature of the lotus pond is relatively higher than that of other ponds

The pole must be stable. After casting the rod, I insert it on the rod holder. When the fish is hooked, I lift the rod and the other holds it. Therefore, there will be more fish. Avoid hook bait floating on half-water branches and leaves, cast rods and rods to the fishing spot, forming a fish nest, and the fishing rate will be higher. Second, the fishing time should be appropriate.

In March, spring is bright and beautiful, ushering in the first golden season of fishing of the year, but the temperature in early spring is constantly changing, and the activity of crucian carp will also change with changes in temperature. The water level of the lotus pond is only 1 meter deep. Only when you see the float sinking, rising, drifting backwards or slanting in one direction, this is the floating state of the hook during the feeding of the crucian carp. When fishing with earthworms, the rod must be used frequently to lure the fish into the bait.

For this reason, in the warm spring season, it is best to choose the sunshine for several days, the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius,other fishing products Manufacturers the temperature difference between day and night is relatively stable, and it is better to go fishing in the first or second level of southeast wind, especially after the cold current passes. After the crucian carp is hooked, first shake your wrist and lift the rod up about 30 cm, hook the fish lips firmly, and then lift the fish out of the water.

The water temperature of the lotus pond is relatively higher than that of other ponds. It is very suitable for the small carp in the lotus pond. After retiring, in the late winter and early spring seasons, I often fished for crucian carp in lotus ponds with a few old fishermen.

When out fishing, it’s best to carry an old fiberglass hand pole over 6 meters long. Because the hook is small, if you catch a big fish, you must keep a calm mind. It is difficult to get a good fishing result by waiting for the rabbit. Raise the pole every time, get on the fish ten to nine. Try to be accurate, diligent and stable in operation

The characteristic of the late spring is that the fish will be caught

Fish biting hooks should be light. One, the choice of fishing point Because of the topography, the formation of Yetang varies from different depths to different depths, and the shapes are also various. Therefore, when fishing in Yetang, choosing a good fishing spot is the key to fishing, and the selection of three springs has its own differences. Determine the length of the rod based on the size, depth and distance of the fishing point from the shore. Therefore, the fishing line and brain line should be increased by one size than the early spring fishing rig, and the hooks should be 5~8 hooks.

Different choices are made due to different time periods. The original fishing spot has been covered by the aquatic plants. The fishing method of using people to find the fish to lure, often lift the fishing rod gently, move it left and right to lure, stimulate the appetite of the fish, in order to achieve the purpose of fishing. Two kinds of bait with meat and vegetables are effective. Commercial bait for crucian carp fishing is the main product. Vegetarian bait is mainly used to lure fish, and generally the hooked fish eat earthworms. The bottom floating fishing method is adopted, and the earthworms are hooked down, so there are more opportunities to eat earthworms,China fishing tackle and more fish will be caught.

This time is the golden season for fishing. You need to re-select the fishing spot. The fishing spots can be selected from the grass heads and the grass cracks in the pond. From early spring people looking for fish to catch fish to fish for food to eat. This is the season where winter and spring alternate. Because the water grass is relatively tender at the beginning of the spring, it will break when you pull it, so you don’t have to worry about the hook. Because these wild ponds are not dry all year round, many wild crucian carp grow in them. The fish's range of activities has also increased, starting from the original hiding place to swim in shallow waters with water plants for food. After the fish is caught, it is easy to pull out with the strength of the line.

In fact, to choose a spot in early spring is to choose a place with high water temperature and shelter from the wind and the sun. The second is that crucian carp is timid, and can hide in water plants in danger. The fishing spot should choose deep water. Early spring. Commercial bait that crucian carp likes should be the main choice. Mid Spring. Such a place is also ideal as a fishing spot. Therefore, in the collocation of the fishing set, the necessary adjustments must be made in three different time periods. Second, the match of fishing tackle According to the characteristics of spring fishing, choose the ideal fishing tackle, and make necessary adjustments in three different time periods. Three, the choice of bait and fishing method Fishing in spring is mainly for crucian carp. Early spring.

The characteristic of the late spring is that the fish will be caught regardless of the depth of the fishing and the shallow fishing, but the fishing point is different, and the size of the fish is different. One is that the water plants are rich in food. . There are more opportunities for big fish in late spring, and sometimes you can catch wild big carps.Naturally formed unmanaged water pits and ponds can be called wild ponds. It is cold like winter and the temperature is low. Late spring. Mid Spring. The flowers are in full bloom and spring is strong.

Where will the very temperature-tending fish escape?

After the ice melts in the early spring, the fish are weak and will not go to the shallow waters immediately. Children bite the hook; civilized fishing, take away the garbage, save the big (fish) and put the small, protect the ecological balance, and protect the fishery resources. In the summer and autumn seasons, we came to this big pit to fish, and once observed this half of the ditch. Half, three hours later, the float was motionless. Because it is fishing in the dead grass, it is easy to hook.

There is no shoal here, only shallow sides, and the depth of the shallowest part is 1. The second is to have withered grass, and it is better to be denser, otherwise the fish dare not come over. Early spring fishing in shallow waters with lots of dry grass, based on the experience and lessons of several farmers near, we must adapt to the specific conditions of shallow water and lots of dry grass in terms of fishing time, fishing rig configuration, fishing methods and skills, China carp terminal tackle Factory etc.

The distance between the drifting stars should be lengthened properly. The bait hook cannot penetrate into the water layer where the fish move. As long as there are more dead grass in shallow waters and fish can be hidden, the fish feel safe.After speaking, walk towards there. With no fish to catch and helpless, I put down my fishing rod and went to the east of Dakeng to take a look.

The ice of the large and small water bodies that have been frozen for a whole winter has melted, exposing the entire water body to the cold wind of early spring.1 meters, which is only two or three centimeters deeper than the shallowest side of the pit. At this time, where will the very temperature-tending fish escape?

In the past, we thought that when the temperature was still very low in early spring, the fish would escape to the water body where the water was muddy and the water temperature was higher, especially the deep and shallow junctions with aquatic grass. Why would there be no fish in a week later? This old den has a water depth of 1. Only when you can go fishing, you can catch a good harvest. 

There is another obvious phenomenon in the climate in early spring

Based on different time periods and weather in spring, the resulting temperature may be higher or lower, which will bring changes to the activities of the fish. Forming a turbid water color, and groups of crucian carp play in the water for food. Except that the weather in early spring is still mainly cold, cold weather will also be encountered in mid-spring in March.

The complex topography and characteristics of the reservoir often cause the water regime to vary in depth. The fish in the reservoir still have a very narrow range of activity, and they still live in deeper waters. At this time,China fishing tackle accessories tools the hook bait can be hung down and it can be bitten in 20 minutes. Deep fishing in early spring. For grassy shoals, it is also a place where crucian carp is found, and it is the first choice for shallow fishing. If we are targeted, we can achieve deep fishing and get something. Cloudy and cold weather are also common weather characteristics in spring.

The shallows are the best swimming and breeding grounds for fish in spring, so when the climate is suitable, we can catch a lot of fish in shallow water, especially crucian carp. If it is a shallow reservoir, those dry grasses, even if the water is not deep, the larger crucian carp will hide here to avoid the cold and swim less. Fishing for a sunny day. In the early morning rain, it is a good time for the crucian carp to throw its seeds.

There is another obvious phenomenon in the climate in early spring, which is cold sooner or later. Fish often have a sharp drop in bite rate before and after these two periods. The messy rain also has a concealing effect on land and shore interference, which makes the fish instinctively increase the sense of security.

On sunny days, we can see the fish leaping from the reservoir. The sudden drop is as cold as frost, and the warming fish have already shrunk in the deep water area, and the places with high ridges and craters and potholes on the bottom of the water are exactly where the crucian carp likes to live in groups. 

Spring fishing follows the temperature of the water

Fishing in this weather and time not only feels comfortable, but also the crucian carp is more comfortable and willing to bite. For example, if the temperature is below 10°C, fishy bait can be used; if the temperature is higher than 15°C, you can choose pure grain-scented bait.4 meters. Also, when fishing grass nests, you should use a hard-toned fishing rod with a single hook for fishing.

There is a saying in fishing: 'Spring fishing follows the temperature of the water, and all of them are full of crucian carp and carp. When fishing for crucian carp in early spring, you must cast a full rod,fishing swivel snap because the line is stretched straight. The length of the fishing rod is best not to exceed. Regarding floats, the author recommends using soft tail floats. If you use bloodworms or earthworms for fishing, when there is no fish for a long time, we can use the tease method, which is to slowly lift the fishing rod obliquely around the fishing point.

Since this type of float is not as sensitive as the hard tail float, it can avoid the influence of the uneven size of the bait on the number of floats. Therefore, bloodworms and earthworms are definitely the first choice among the bait. In early spring, the crucian carp needs to be supplemented with high-protein and high-fat foods in order to quickly restore physical fitness. The fishing line is best to choose nylon material, because it is very soft, as long as the suction power of the crucian carp is equivalent to the weight of the hook, we can smoothly lift the rod and the heavy fish, and the fishing line can be straightened by the small drop and the float, so the signal transmission is also More clear. Ready to use.

Now I will talk about the five elements of wild crucian carp fishing in early spring.) when we are wild fishing, because of the special shape of these channels, the nest material will gradually slide down the steep slope to the bottom of the river, and then Lost its role in attracting fish in fishing spots.

Regarding the preparation of the nest material, we can mix the rice and millet evenly, wash it well, then add vitamin B complex and sugar, then pour the highly fragrant white wine mixed with honey into it, and finally shake it well and seal it for a week. Because the crucian carp is lighter in early spring, it is not convenient to observe the float, so that the best time to raise the rod is often missed.