The water temperature of the lotus pond is relatively higher than that of other ponds

The pole must be stable. After casting the rod, I insert it on the rod holder. When the fish is hooked, I lift the rod and the other holds it. Therefore, there will be more fish. Avoid hook bait floating on half-water branches and leaves, cast rods and rods to the fishing spot, forming a fish nest, and the fishing rate will be higher. Second, the fishing time should be appropriate.

In March, spring is bright and beautiful, ushering in the first golden season of fishing of the year, but the temperature in early spring is constantly changing, and the activity of crucian carp will also change with changes in temperature. The water level of the lotus pond is only 1 meter deep. Only when you see the float sinking, rising, drifting backwards or slanting in one direction, this is the floating state of the hook during the feeding of the crucian carp. When fishing with earthworms, the rod must be used frequently to lure the fish into the bait.

For this reason, in the warm spring season, it is best to choose the sunshine for several days, the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius,other fishing products Manufacturers the temperature difference between day and night is relatively stable, and it is better to go fishing in the first or second level of southeast wind, especially after the cold current passes. After the crucian carp is hooked, first shake your wrist and lift the rod up about 30 cm, hook the fish lips firmly, and then lift the fish out of the water.

The water temperature of the lotus pond is relatively higher than that of other ponds. It is very suitable for the small carp in the lotus pond. After retiring, in the late winter and early spring seasons, I often fished for crucian carp in lotus ponds with a few old fishermen.

When out fishing, it’s best to carry an old fiberglass hand pole over 6 meters long. Because the hook is small, if you catch a big fish, you must keep a calm mind. It is difficult to get a good fishing result by waiting for the rabbit. Raise the pole every time, get on the fish ten to nine. Try to be accurate, diligent and stable in operation