This is especially true when the temperature is highest at noon

When you use the chicken feed or fishy pellets to make the nest, each time the bait the size of duck eggs is beaten three to four. The group is enough, two groups at a time to make up the nest. Because of the low water temperature in spring, the shallow water near the shore is much higher than the deep water. It can be seen from the water quality here that the water quality in such places is generally darker and turbid.

This is especially true when the temperature is highest at noon. Therefore, the author generally chooses a softer pole when choosing a pole, and everyone knows that the pole is softer and not easy to fish. This must be paid attention to. I like to use corn flavor, pineapple flavor, and musk flavor. This bait can be used alone when nesting, two bait at a time, and one bait at a time every one to two hours.

For carp fishing in spring, the nest should be made close to the shore, and the water depth should not exceed 1 meter. The time of fishing in the wild is getting closer and closer. The water temperature determines the carp's eating situation, so the water temperature for carp fishing fishing swivel snaps Factory in spring is the most important. The method of preparing rice wine is to take an empty bottle (empty mineral water bottle), fill it with grain crops such as millet, sorghum rice, corn, etc.

The bait for nesting in spring must be strong in flavor. When choosing a nest, you should first choose a sunny place, that is, the north bank. Carp is the most common large freshwater fish in Liaoning. Third, we must consider shallow fishing and side fishing in spring. In the spring, use this set of fishing rigs to see the black drifting rod, and the rate of middle fish is higher.

It makes sense to catch carp instead of grass, which is equivalent to running in vain. The taste of honey is too much, and its various flavors are very difficult to grasp in actual fishing waters, so I prefer to use brown sugar to prepare the nest material. Generally use A3 star float (available at fish shop) 5 or 3--5 goose feather floats, add a space bean above the hook, and put a small square lead on the space bean, aluminum can Move freely on the line. 

Spring fishing follows the temperature of the water

Fishing in this weather and time not only feels comfortable, but also the crucian carp is more comfortable and willing to bite. For example, if the temperature is below 10°C, fishy bait can be used; if the temperature is higher than 15°C, you can choose pure grain-scented bait.4 meters. Also, when fishing grass nests, you should use a hard-toned fishing rod with a single hook for fishing.

There is a saying in fishing: 'Spring fishing follows the temperature of the water, and all of them are full of crucian carp and carp. When fishing for crucian carp in early spring, you must cast a full rod,fishing swivel snap because the line is stretched straight. The length of the fishing rod is best not to exceed. Regarding floats, the author recommends using soft tail floats. If you use bloodworms or earthworms for fishing, when there is no fish for a long time, we can use the tease method, which is to slowly lift the fishing rod obliquely around the fishing point.

Since this type of float is not as sensitive as the hard tail float, it can avoid the influence of the uneven size of the bait on the number of floats. Therefore, bloodworms and earthworms are definitely the first choice among the bait. In early spring, the crucian carp needs to be supplemented with high-protein and high-fat foods in order to quickly restore physical fitness. The fishing line is best to choose nylon material, because it is very soft, as long as the suction power of the crucian carp is equivalent to the weight of the hook, we can smoothly lift the rod and the heavy fish, and the fishing line can be straightened by the small drop and the float, so the signal transmission is also More clear. Ready to use.

Now I will talk about the five elements of wild crucian carp fishing in early spring.) when we are wild fishing, because of the special shape of these channels, the nest material will gradually slide down the steep slope to the bottom of the river, and then Lost its role in attracting fish in fishing spots.

Regarding the preparation of the nest material, we can mix the rice and millet evenly, wash it well, then add vitamin B complex and sugar, then pour the highly fragrant white wine mixed with honey into it, and finally shake it well and seal it for a week. Because the crucian carp is lighter in early spring, it is not convenient to observe the float, so that the best time to raise the rod is often missed.