The hurdles at this time are more likely to be giants

The carp began to prepare for spawning, showing that it actively foraged for food and searched for spawning places. Of course, this is just some personal experience, just for your reference, please don't make a brick if you are not happy! Spring fishing, carp, China PP BOX Fishing Box Company spot selection, wild fishing.

The temperature is also rising gradually, for example, the temperature in the previous few days was basically around 20 degrees. Many times you see bubbles in the nest, and then you can catch her outside the nest. Choose a flat bottom. And it is better to be at least 5 meters away from the shore ridge (the water temperature near the stone ridge is lower). There is a difference between beach level and beach level. Let me share with you several positions and precautions for carp fishing.

The beach level close to the overall deep water area is easier to get giants, while the beach level in the overall shallow water area is mostly milk carp. Because of its strength and golden scales, it is deeply in our minds. This is basically what I want to say, but pay attention to the differences between reservoirs and reservoirs, and regional differences. Boldly fish shallow. At the end of March and April, many reservoirs can only fish about 1 meter deep in the afternoon in the sun, and it is difficult to catch carp, grass carp and crucian carp if it exceeds two meters.

In fact, the hurdles at this time are more likely to be giants and more likely to make bursts. Only in the afternoon of a continuous sun day above 10 degrees, the carp would go to the shallower place to forage, but mostly in the waters above 3 meters (Feishui Reservoir and Network Electricity Reservoir) Except), so in February, you should first choose to cut positions and nest with the appropriate cold wind. At this stage, it will not easily get close to the nest. 

Most of the crucian carp is in the lower layer of the water

Muchun refers to the solar terms between 'Ching Ming' and 'Gu Yu' (also called Late Spring). The climate and temperature of my country's vast north-south regions have large differences. One more point, the species of fish we fish in the wild and the individual size of the fish are sometimes unknowable. The principle of bait use is generally fat and water partial, lean water partial fishy (not This discussion).

When encountering open water, it is best to use Taiwan fishing in order to increase the frequency of fishing. Hope fishermen should remember not to just copy and use the solar terms. The above-mentioned experience of wild crucian carp fishing in early spring, mid-spring and late spring is limited to the solar terms and climatic characteristics of the Jianghuai region.

The choice of waters is no longer focused on small water surfaces and shallow water areas like early spring and mid-spring. , So the fishing proverb has 'spring fishing, rain, fog, summer fishing early'. Mouth method to give play to the advantages of Taiwan Diaoyu’s fast catching fish. Second,Wholesale fishing tackle snap Suppliers the choice of waters In the late spring season, the footprints of crucian carp in deep and shallow waters are already willing to be involved. As for the specific use of traditional fishing or Taiwan fishing equipment, it depends on the water environment at that time.

If the crucian floating head is found in the bright water, you can also use the floating and fishing methods of Taiwan fishing. At this time, most of the crucian carp is in the lower layer of the water in the morning and evening, which is good for bottom fishing. But when we specifically choose a fishing spot, we still need to pay attention to the observation of the water color. Due to the high water temperature in late spring, the crucian carp has been greatly restored after several months of eating a lot of nourishment.