The characteristic of the late spring is that the fish will be caught

Fish biting hooks should be light. One, the choice of fishing point Because of the topography, the formation of Yetang varies from different depths to different depths, and the shapes are also various. Therefore, when fishing in Yetang, choosing a good fishing spot is the key to fishing, and the selection of three springs has its own differences. Determine the length of the rod based on the size, depth and distance of the fishing point from the shore. Therefore, the fishing line and brain line should be increased by one size than the early spring fishing rig, and the hooks should be 5~8 hooks.

Different choices are made due to different time periods. The original fishing spot has been covered by the aquatic plants. The fishing method of using people to find the fish to lure, often lift the fishing rod gently, move it left and right to lure, stimulate the appetite of the fish, in order to achieve the purpose of fishing. Two kinds of bait with meat and vegetables are effective. Commercial bait for crucian carp fishing is the main product. Vegetarian bait is mainly used to lure fish, and generally the hooked fish eat earthworms. The bottom floating fishing method is adopted, and the earthworms are hooked down, so there are more opportunities to eat earthworms,China fishing tackle and more fish will be caught.

This time is the golden season for fishing. You need to re-select the fishing spot. The fishing spots can be selected from the grass heads and the grass cracks in the pond. From early spring people looking for fish to catch fish to fish for food to eat. This is the season where winter and spring alternate. Because the water grass is relatively tender at the beginning of the spring, it will break when you pull it, so you don’t have to worry about the hook. Because these wild ponds are not dry all year round, many wild crucian carp grow in them. The fish's range of activities has also increased, starting from the original hiding place to swim in shallow waters with water plants for food. After the fish is caught, it is easy to pull out with the strength of the line.

In fact, to choose a spot in early spring is to choose a place with high water temperature and shelter from the wind and the sun. The second is that crucian carp is timid, and can hide in water plants in danger. The fishing spot should choose deep water. Early spring. Commercial bait that crucian carp likes should be the main choice. Mid Spring. Such a place is also ideal as a fishing spot. Therefore, in the collocation of the fishing set, the necessary adjustments must be made in three different time periods. Second, the match of fishing tackle According to the characteristics of spring fishing, choose the ideal fishing tackle, and make necessary adjustments in three different time periods. Three, the choice of bait and fishing method Fishing in spring is mainly for crucian carp. Early spring.

The characteristic of the late spring is that the fish will be caught regardless of the depth of the fishing and the shallow fishing, but the fishing point is different, and the size of the fish is different. One is that the water plants are rich in food. . There are more opportunities for big fish in late spring, and sometimes you can catch wild big carps.Naturally formed unmanaged water pits and ponds can be called wild ponds. It is cold like winter and the temperature is low. Late spring. Mid Spring. The flowers are in full bloom and spring is strong.

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