There is another obvious phenomenon in the climate in early spring

Based on different time periods and weather in spring, the resulting temperature may be higher or lower, which will bring changes to the activities of the fish. Forming a turbid water color, and groups of crucian carp play in the water for food. Except that the weather in early spring is still mainly cold, cold weather will also be encountered in mid-spring in March.

The complex topography and characteristics of the reservoir often cause the water regime to vary in depth. The fish in the reservoir still have a very narrow range of activity, and they still live in deeper waters. At this time,China fishing tackle accessories tools the hook bait can be hung down and it can be bitten in 20 minutes. Deep fishing in early spring. For grassy shoals, it is also a place where crucian carp is found, and it is the first choice for shallow fishing. If we are targeted, we can achieve deep fishing and get something. Cloudy and cold weather are also common weather characteristics in spring.

The shallows are the best swimming and breeding grounds for fish in spring, so when the climate is suitable, we can catch a lot of fish in shallow water, especially crucian carp. If it is a shallow reservoir, those dry grasses, even if the water is not deep, the larger crucian carp will hide here to avoid the cold and swim less. Fishing for a sunny day. In the early morning rain, it is a good time for the crucian carp to throw its seeds.

There is another obvious phenomenon in the climate in early spring, which is cold sooner or later. Fish often have a sharp drop in bite rate before and after these two periods. The messy rain also has a concealing effect on land and shore interference, which makes the fish instinctively increase the sense of security.

On sunny days, we can see the fish leaping from the reservoir. The sudden drop is as cold as frost, and the warming fish have already shrunk in the deep water area, and the places with high ridges and craters and potholes on the bottom of the water are exactly where the crucian carp likes to live in groups. 

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